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Notices and notes

LanSpy is Essential Security Tool!
Checklist: How to test SQL Server security
You must regularly test SQL Server security if you hope to identify security weaknesses before an intruder does.
Contributor Kevin Beaver offers SQL Server security testing methods...

LanSpy is the Best Free Port Scanner Software!
Find the ports and services that are open on your network
LanSpy is network security scanner that allows you to gather a variety of different information about computer...

LanSpy is in the Step 4: Tools you can use to test if you're vulnerable
How to lock down laptops that connect to hotspots
If you're even somewhat serious about securing your information, you can use various tools that show you what the bad guys see...

LanSpy - #2 in Kevin Beaver's Top Five Favorite Downloads
Windows security toolbox: Our experts' favorite freeware
We asked our SearchWindowsSecurity.com experts to tell us their top five freeware tools for Windows security.

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