T i t l e Our team
“Team” — with this very word we decided to name this page

Crimson is the Commodore, the Admiral and the Leader of the “Team”. He is a programmer. It was his idea to create programs later named Lantricks. First of all I want to mention that initially this project appeared not on the basis of some scientific or any other research works, but as a sheer amusement. Besides we can not omit another member of the Forward, Half-back and Goalkeeper in one person — Unforgiven. Due to his intensive research and practical tests Lantricks programs can't be regarded as sheer amusement any more. Thanks to Sergey's scrupulous supervision and important notes Commodore faced a number of specific questions and tasks to improve Lantricks. As the result of various improvements and recasts Lantricks from pastime turned out to be some kind of investigation.

The idea of creating Lantricks-programs did not come from nowhere. It happened like this: the task was to find in local net information for…

— Well, well, come on, now you tell me it was for the library — says a sarcastic reader.
— Surely you were looking for games and probably something hotter — he can proceed.

Actually, it's not the object of search that matters (as they say “Each gets according to his needs”), but the means of search. Lantricks are a package of programs that make possible to solve many problems which arise while searching in local networks. For example LanScope among it's other interesting functions also can find information basing on keywords and define availability of remote host ftp and http resources…. However, program functions are described in details in other sections. To sum up, the herein introduced program package represents a powerful means of automating of information search process in local nets. The package consists of 6 Lantricks-programs, each of which carries out a certain portion of the “mutual” task. In whole, Lantricks give a complex solution for information search (have you not fallen asleep yet?).

To crown the conversation about the “Team”, we should mention the third member, and this is me. Cybelius — person in charge of final tream and finishing process concerning Lantricksology. I was summoned to the “Team” as site designer and being the author of this assay I can add:
  • a very important revelation I had while working on the Lantricks site: Times font and programming process (programmers, to be precise) are things incompatible. So I believe using Times New Roman as the basic font is a great achievement;
  • the site is made in accordance with relativity principles, it means that the main size units are % and em. This ensures possibility of gradual scale change for various resolutions while retaining the integrity of the whole contents. In other words, for various resolutions the contents of the pages will tend to occupy all accessible space of the browser;
  • photographic treatment gained no reflection by the both founders of the project that is why Lantricks are introduces by cartoon uncles. For graphic design one- and multi- pixel images were used.

Special thanks

We express hearty gratitude to everybody, who took part in tests, introduced new ideas for programs, wrote letters, left notes in the Guest book (and now in Forum). All your reasonable wishes will be fulfilled in new versions of the programs (as far as possible).

We thank Rob von Rotz from H&R Translations for kindly given Dutch translation of the site, for its quality and professionalism, which you can appreciate visiting Dutch version of our site. You are welcome!

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